Martin Schulz, the leader of the rival Social Democrats SPD , told an interview with Spiegel magazine he would insist on deeper integration as a condition of joining any new government under Mrs Merkel. Mr Schulz and Mrs Merkel met on Thursday night to discuss a possible new coalition or SPD support for a minority government, and initial reports suggested the talks had gone well. But Mr Schulz insisted on Friday his party had still not decided whether it was prepared for further talks. He said the SPD would consider the matter over the weekend and announce its decision on Monday. Mrs Merkel is looking to the SPD for a lifeline after coalition talks with smaller parties collapsed. If the new negotiations fail, Germany may face new elections. Mr Schulz initially refused to consider any sort of deal with Mrs Merkel, before backing down in the face of open rebellion from his own party. His comments to Spiegel on Friday suggest he is now determined to take control of the negotiations and stamp them in his own image as a European federalist.

Venus Williams faces lawsuit over fatal car crash

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We’ll run our functional internet over here, and Europe can get its wet dream of a network suddenly devoid of American-based tech firms, just itching for European companies to fill the void and fail under their regulation. Also, this is only slightly different than many of the Chinese ideas of control of the internet, isn’t it? They trample peoples’ rights, pass insane laws and screw up everything they touch. Who could’ve possibly seen this coming?

Except, you know, anyone who has EVER read a history book. This may get interesting when Google and Facebook decide it isn’t worth a few billion dollars worth of fines every few months to keep operating there. These jack-bags in the EU are forgetting the number one rule of authoritarianism. If you want to keep the peasants from revolting, you had best keep the Google-bread and Facebook-circuses flowing.

That’s what European publishers are hoping for; they can’t compete with Google or Facebook, but they can create their own third-rate alternatives when they kill the competition through laws. Do you see how that might work differently than licensing all the peasants to steal everything in sight, and calling that bread and circuses? Ironically, this thread is guaranteed to turn out large numbers of outraged commenters who in other contexts opine about the constitutional wisdom of a system designed to restrain the mob.

But in this context, it’s going to be all mob, all the time.

Broadcom faces EU antitrust probe over market dominance

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Share this article Share But he also furiously rejected suggestions from Brussels that Nothern Ireland could stay in the single market after Brexit – effectively splitting the UK. Mr Davis said the settlement ‘cannot amount to creating a new border in the UK’. The Brexit Secretary reiterated his calls for the EU to agree to move on to trade talks. Theresa May has said Britain will pay 20 billion euros for a two-year transition deal and honour the commitments we have made.

But the EU are demanding Britain goes further in spelling out exactly what we will pay – squeezing out more cash before we move on to trade talks. But it is unclear how this will be achieved when the UK leaves the customs union. Citizens Rights Theresa May has laid out an offer to guarantee the rights of the 3. They will be given a two-year grace period to apply for settled status, which they will be granted as long as they pass criminal and security checks.

But this was rejected by the EU Parliament who say the status should be automatic and not involve criminal records checks. But asked whether more ‘clarifications or concessions’ were needed over the next fortnight before a crunch European Council summit, Mr Barnier said: The poll published today, found that 62 per cent of those surveyed thought that Brussels is not trying to get a good deal.

Some half of Remainers and three quarters of Leavers have reached this conclusion, the survey found.

Merkel faces demand for further EU integration as price to end government crisis

A team of international experts on the Kasai province has submitted this and other findings to the U. Human Rights Council in Geneva Tuesday. More than victims and other sources were interviewed by the team of experts during its eight-month investigation into violence in the Kasai province. Team leader Bacre Waly Ndiaye says he and his colleagues are shocked by the catastrophic human rights situation.

He says since violence erupted in Kasai in August , the Democratic Republic of Congo security forces, the anti-government militia Kamiuna Nsapu and the government-allied militia Bana Mura have all committed many atrocities. It is our view that some of the acts of aggression committed by the FARDC [Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo] and these other groups constitute crimes against humanity and war crimes.

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They are preparing to lodge formal complaints in the coming weeks. If successful, the company could be forced to pay further multi-billion euro fines, or make further changes to its search results. Competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager Credit: Although Google Shopping must now bid against rivals for paid-for positions in search, opponents say the auction is not fair, since Google is merely moving money from one part of the company to another.

Richard Stables, of price comparison site Kelkoo, said that 99pc of slots for shopping search results are still held by Google, showing the changes have done little to bolster competition. He is one of a number of critics urging Ms Vestager to force further concessions from Google. Foundem , the price comparison site that complained about Google eight years ago, is also understood to have held talks with the commissioner.

Google is also due to file its first assessment of the changes with the commission at the end of January. The company is on probation with the European Commission, which has enlisted KPMG and search engine experts Mavens to monitor its compliance. In September, Google appealed against the fine. A Google spokesman said:

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The extraordinary cost of relocating the medicine and banking agencies emerged yesterday as it was also revealed that the vast majority of staff do not want to leave. Officials from the body, which regulates medicines, failed to insert a break clause when taking over the nine-storey portion of a skyscraper meaning it must be rented until the lease ends in Revelations about the huge costs of the relocation came as 23 EU cities launched slick campaign bids to be chosen as the their new home of the bodies, which employ 1, people.

While senior EU officials have insisted that the regulators must relocate as a consequence of Brexit, yesterday it emerged that huge numbers of staff are considering staying in the UK.

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Jose Manuel Barroso, president of the EU commission Portugal Twenty-one years ago, Barroso published his MA thesis on how Portuguese politicians should handle EU entry; today, the year-old faces the tough jobs of integrating a new wave of members and persuading the old ones to sign up to the constitution. The former centre-right PM sees himself as an arbitrator in Euro-parlance: Peter Mandelson, commissioner for trade UK Mandelson is eager to reform the common agricultural policy and force the EU’s farmers to compete in a free market.

Some think he wants to go even further and form a free-trade zone with the US. That means he will have to take on Jacques Chirac at the next round of the Doha talks. Like Barroso, he also wants to see economic reforms – the so-called “Lisbon agenda”. At home, however, the former trade and industry secretary is likely to be judged on whether he can secure a Yes vote in the promised referendum on the EU constitution.

Mandelson will need him as an ally in his efforts to persuade other commissioners that opening up trade will make the EU more competitive. Took the curious decision to share the artwork on his office walls “Melancholic interior Woman, head in fire” with citizens online. Jacques Barrot, vice-president, transport commissioner France Sixty-seven-year-old Barrot didn’t really want this job, and his compatriots have questioned whether the former employment minister should have been nominated at all.

A friend of Jacques Chirac, he faces alikely showdown with transport unions when he has to tackle the liberalisation of rail and air networks.

Venus Williams faces lawsuit over fatal car crash

Netanyahu said the controversial announcement by US President Donald Trump — which prompted diplomatic alarm and street protests across the Islamic world — had “put facts squarely on the table”. As he arrived for talks in Brussels, Netanyahu said he expected “all or most” European countries would follow the US — but the nation bloc’s foreign policy head Federica Mogherini gave him a stern rebuff, telling him to “keep his expectations for others”.

The EU expressed alarm last week at the US decision, but Netanyahu said Trump had simply stated facts by acknowledging that Jerusalem had been the capital of the Israeli state for 70 years and of the Jewish people for 3, years. The Jerusalem decision upended decades of US diplomacy and broke with international consensus. Mogherini last week warned it could take the situation “backwards to even darker times”.

After nearly two hours of talks between Netanyahu and the EU ministers, Mogherini gave a flat rejection of his suggestion they could follow Trump.

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Google faces record EU antitrust fine of more than $1.4 billion

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News Pompeo unveils US Iran plan: Analysts and former US officials say the plan is incoherent and dangerous. In a speech touted to outline the administration’s strategy toward Iran, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo promised “the strongest sanctions in history” should Tehran not buckle to US demands. What is the Iran nuclear deal? Instead, any new deal would require Iran to meet 12 demands, including halting its ballistic missile program and ending interventions in Syria and Yemen, as well as wide-ranging concessions on its civilian nuclear program.

Iran nuclear deal — the timeline to Donald Trump’s torpedo The deal breaker President Donald Trump announced on May 8 that he was pulling the United States out of the Iran nuclear deal, arguing that the international accord was not in America’s “national interest.

Liam Fox ridiculed for embarrassing Brexit U-turn

How Google uses pattern recognition to recognize things like faces in photos A page that explains what data is shared with Google when you visit websites that use our advertising, analytics and social products. For example, your phone number can be used to help you access your account if you forget your password, help people find and connect with you, and make the ads you see more relevant to you. Learn more payment information For example, if you add a credit card or other payment method to your Google Account, you can use it to buy things across our services, like apps in the Play Store.

We may also ask for other information, like a business tax ID, to help process your payment. In some cases, we may also need to verify your identity and may ask you for information to do this. We also use this information to help protect your account.

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In a rare move, a vote will be pushed in the current Committee stage of the Article 50 bill, this afternoon. It is already backed by Labour, LibDem, cross-bench and several rebel Conservative peers, and Parliamentary sources expect the amendment to pass easily. Brexit voters made a ‘historic mistake’ The original plan had been to push the votes next week, as is more usual, at the Report stage, but peers believe that the Government has given little time for debate at that stage, and showed no sign of giving any concessions on the issue over the weekend.

Remainers treated with ‘contempt’ There have also been widespread lobbies of Parliament by a wide range of EU citizens who say they are already feeling the impact of uncertainty around their status. Tens of thousands have taken matters into their own hands, applying for permanent residence under an EU law provision which guarantees it after five years. Some have had to produce reams of documentation dating back years to prove their residence. Labour ‘is not wedded to free movement for EU citizens’ Sabine von Toerne, a midwife who came to the UK from Germany seven years ago, has found that her years training in the NHS means she retrospectively needs to prove she has been covered by comprehensive health insurance.

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