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Video: Depeche Mode, ‘A Concert for the Masses’ — rare footage from 1988’s ‘101’ concert

I’m doing Pink Floyd now because I think it’ll bring lots of viewers here. That’s not pure cynicism, though: Perhaps the first rock group to cultivate a very individualistic visual element to their music, Pink Floyd were shrewd enough to understand the importance of iconic album art – the importance, that is, of an album as an objet d’art, with an intrinsic value as an object regardless of the music it contains.

Oct 10,  · The tune is actually one of the first Vince Clarke ever recorded, pre-dating even Depeche Mode days, though there is a video recording where Depeche Mod.

While both bands have long since been catapulted to global acclaim, it was a different story as they took their first steps on the road to fame and fortune. U2 at the Top Rank in Cardiff on October 14, Now, incredible never-before-seen images of both bands playing the venue have been unearthed by an amateur Cardiff photographer.

Back in the day, music fan Martin Briggs was a keen snapper who carried his Nikon camera everywhere with him – including to shows at venues around South Wales. There must be around 5, I used to carry the Nikon everywhere with me. It’s the Great Big Quiz The U2 gig was part of a tour for their newly-released second album October and was their very first show in Wales in front of an audience in the hundreds.

Six years later they would headline The Arms Park as part of the Joshua Tree tour in front of 50, Bono was a star from the off. It was almost messianic. Martin, left, with his partner Francis at a New Romantic night back in the ’80s Their show the following year at the Top Rank came at the height of the New Romantic era – and among his pictures Martin has taken some great shots of the crowd perched on the balcony at the venue, bedecked in the identifying fashions of the day – as well as shots from a New Romantic era club night at Mel’s in Cardiff in featuring the band Classix Nouveaux.

Everyone was dressed up and ready to party. Or are you in the pictures?

Incredible images of U2 and Depeche Mode at a tiny Cardiff club have been discovered

Steven gets a new look into Lars ‘ life. Sadie says that she thinks sloths eat poop, to which Lars says is gross. Steven says that this is going to affect the rankings, and Lars then says that eating poop would be better than listening to Steven. Sadie laughs, but tells Lars to let Steven do “his thing”.

Sep 20,  · The Killers talk Morrissey encounters, producer speed-dating, and their ‘Wonderful’ comeback “We saw Depeche Mode in Spain and they were .

Gore’s biological father was a Black-American G. He believed his stepfather was his biological father until age When he was 13, he learnt that his biological father was an African-American serviceman and, as an adult, later met him in the American South. Gore responds to the source’s information and is quoted in Miller’s book saying, “It brings up family traumas” and “It’s one of those things I’d rather not talk about”.

He left Nicholas Comprehensive , Basildon in and took a job as a bank cashier. Gore has two younger half-sisters, Karen, born in , and Jacqueline, born in Soon the band drafted Dave Gahan to be the lead singer after hearing him sing ” Heroes ” by David Bowie. Gahan is credited with the name “Depeche Mode” after seeing the phrase as a title of a French fashion magazine, which later considered taking them to court, but thought it would be good publicity for the magazine to let the band have the name.

Depeche Mode: a sea of raised hands at the Olympic Stadium for the electronic pioneers – review

The regeneration of Basildon, Pitsea and Laindon town centres. The creation of a health and education research centre near Basildon and Thurrock University Hospital. Investment in the Basildon Enterprise Corridor, a large business area. A review of the district’s housing, with investment in housing estates such as Craylands, Five Links and Felmores which will be re-designed to allow for less trouble and having more streets with roads, rather than a street with just pavement.

This proposal may have 6, homes, together with retail, commercial and leisure uses. This is a join proposal of the two councils and a public consultation ended in March

Depeche Mode vinyl collectors take note: Rhino has announced plans to reissue, via limited edition numbered boxed sets, every Depeche Mode 12” single dating back to their very first 12” single. That February single, “Dreaming of Me,” was the first of 55 singles released by the prolific long running UK electronic rock act.

History[ edit ] Formation and debut album — [ edit ] Depeche Mode’s origins date to , when schoolmates Vince Clarke and Andy Fletcher formed a Cure -influenced [7] band called No Romance In China, with Clarke on vocals and guitar and Fletcher on bass guitar. Fletcher would later recall, “Why am I in the band?

It was accidental right from the beginning. I was actually forced to be in the band. I played the guitar and I had a bass; it was a question of them roping me in. Dave Gahan joined the band in after Clarke heard him perform at a local scout hut jam session , singing a rendition of David Bowie ‘s “Heroes” , [14] and Depeche Mode were born. I like the sound of that.

Gore recalled that the first time the band played as Depeche Mode was a school gig in May The band made a demo tape but, instead of mailing the tape to record companies, they would go in and personally deliver it. They would demand the companies play it; according to Dave Gahan, “most of them would tell us to fuck off. They’d say ‘leave the tape with us’ and we’d say ‘it’s our only one’.

The New Lars

Mother of Lisa Marie Presley b. Lived with Marco Garibaldi from to Received an honorary degree doctor of humanities from Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee.

Born on 9th May, in Epping, Essex, England, he is famous for Depeche Mode. His zodiac sign is Taurus. David Gahan is a member of the following lists: Male new wave singers, British synthpop new wave musicians and 21st-century English s: Sylvia, Len, StepFather: Jack.

Concern, confusion and travel chaos reigned, which, although inevitable, was a shame. The Olympic Stadium, now renamed the London Stadium, is vast. So when Dave Gahan, Martin Gore, Andy Fletcher and two supplementary musicians took to the stage in daylight, with the video screens off, to open with their new song, Going Backwards, everything felt a bit flat. It was too big, too open, too light. Martin Gore and Dave Gahan Credit: Brian Rasic That soon changed. Gahan was an eye-catching and energetic frontman.

By the third song, Barrel of a Gun, the year-old had ditched his jacket to reveal his trademark waistcoat — black at the front, red at the back, nothing beneath. He stalked the stage, flapping his elbows like a chicken, pirouetting, windmilling and grabbing his crotch, at one stage toppling over at the exertion of it all. It was all very engaging. The problem, though, was that there were three different Depeche Modes on display, and the most interesting incarnation was underrepresented.

They were delivered and received with passion.

Depeche Mode: a sea of raised hands at the Olympic Stadium for the electronic pioneers – review

Posted by Billyjam , June 18, That February single, “Dreaming of Me,” was the first of 55 singles released by the prolific long running UK electronic rock act. Also included is original single poster reproduction plus, as with all other box sets, a download card to get digital copies of every track as well. That March album impressively debuted at 5 on the Billboard chart, further proving just how popular the group continue to be almost four full decades into their illustrious career.

As illustrated in the excellent documentary about diehard DM fans around the world, The Posters Came From The Walls, the group have remained incredibly popular in such countries as Brazil, Mexico, Romania and countries of the former Soviet Union where DM’s music has taken on a whole new meaning since the ‘s when it was not only hard to find but illegal and only available via much coveted bootleg tapes. In fact the band are more popular in these countries than in their native UK.

Items 1 – depeche mode tickets from the release date to date to date on to , producer speed-dating, the. Its career spanning 3 decades depeche mode have announced the global spirit tour date is .


The New Lars


Depeche Mode’s music has mainly been described as synth-pop, new wave, electronic rock, dance-rock alternative rock, arena rock and pop rock. The band also experimented with various other genres throughout its career, including avant-garde, electronica, pop, soul, Genres: Synth-pop, new wave, dance-rock, electronic rock, alternative rock.


The New Lars


Depeche Mode are an English electronic band that formed in Basildon, essex in The group consists of founders Dave Gahan, Martin Gore, and Andy Fletcher.


Depeche Mode – In Your Room (Portishead Remix)