Vanuit de wetenschap is er behoefte om te experimenteren in een praktijkomgeving, waarbij met behulp van sensoren en uitgebreide monitoring nieuwe inzichten kunnen worden opgedaan over logistiek, transport, bereikbaarheid en mobiliteit. Een Living Lab is een omgeving die geschikt wordt gemaakt voor het doen van onderzoek en experimenten. Een meer uitvoerige beschrijving van Living labs staat in paragraaf 2. In deze call kunnen kleine subsidies worden aangevraagd om het idee voor een Living Lab verder uit te werken, een stevig interdisciplinair samengesteld consortium te vormen en commitment te krijgen van publieke en private partijen. Dit kan bijvoorbeeld door het organiseren van workshops en bijeenkomsten, of door iemand aan te stellen die actief het netwerk gaat trekken. In een latere call Fase 2 , die waarschijnlijk medio open zal gaan voor het indienen van aanvragen, kunnen middelen worden aangevraagd om de Living Labs verder te ontwikkelen en onderzoek in deze Living Labs op te kunnen zetten en uit te voeren. Duurzame Living labs zijn bij uitstek een geschikt instrument om de verbinding tussen de wetenschap en de praktijk te versterken.

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Tweet Share For more than a decade, many airlines have offered international-style service — complete with flat-bed first class or business class seats — on flights from New York to Los Angeles and San Francisco. UAL never bothered to roll out a similar premium experience to other longer domestic routes. JBLU has disrupted the market for transcontinental business class travel.

On Monday, Delta Air Lines announced that it will introduce its “Delta One” premium cabin which features lie-flat seats on half a dozen additional domestic routes next spring.

Internationale rol Nederlandse overheid: lokale voelsprieten en politiek gewicht. Innovatie De Nederlandse hightech sector verdient haar geld met name in het vormt het grootste afzetgebied, maar het speelveld beslaat de hele wereld.

Interactive exhibits and rare artifacts Cutting-edge technology An innovative focus on the future of aviation At the Museum, guests can: Get an up-close look at historic aircraft dating back to the s Explore exhibits inside our historic Boeing , The Spirit of Delta Tour the 1st Boeing produced and walk on the wing! Fly the only Boeing flight simulator open to the public in the U.

Host events in a distinctive setting that offers historic glamour and modern appeal Buy unique aviation souvenirs Learn more about the Delta Flight Museum experience. Tours On Tuesdays at 1 pm, the Museum offers public guided tours that are free with admission. These tours explore the exhibits on display and cover Delta’s history from crop dusting to jets. On the second Tuesday of each month, the tour is an interior tour of Ship 41 , Delta’s first DC-3 to carry passengers.

This tour is not handicap accessible, and all participants are required to wear gloves and shoe covers we provide. Tours meet up under the gray Huff Daland Dusters crop duster plane hanging from the ceiling in Hangar 1. Tours last 45 minutes.

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Improving Health in the Mississippi D Barbara Young is a survivor. The lifelong Mississippi Delta resident beat cancer four times in a place where healthcare resources are scarce. When she was first diagnosed with breast cancer, in , Young and her husband were raising three small children. She was also working two jobs and running a cake-baking business from home. After choosing a mastectomy, Young developed cancer in her other breast.

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The aim of the dams, sluices, and storm surge barriers was to shorten the Dutch coastline, thus reducing the number of dikes that had to be raised. Floods Water has always played a central part in Dutch history. On one hand it brought wealth to the Netherlands through trade and fishery; on the other hand it brought a number of losses through the many floods. To date water has remained important for the Netherlands.

From a geographical point of view, the Netherlands are placed in a very favorable position; at the sea and in the delta a triangular section of land at the mouth of a river of four large rivers. As a result of this poldering almost 40 percent of the land lies below sea level. Areas include large parts of the highly populated and the economically important west, with cities such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam. To keep these areas dry, superfluous water is continuously pumped out of the polders.

Furthermore, the Netherlands is protected from floods through a combination of levees, dunes, dams and barriers.

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The national flag, adopted in , is a tricolor of deep saffron, white, and green horizontal stripes. In the center of the white stripe is a blue wheel representing the wheel chakra that appears on the abacus of Asoka’s lion capital c. The rupee r is a paper currency of paise. There are coins of 5, 10, 20, 25, and 50 paise, and 1, 2, and 5 rupees, and notes of 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, , and rupees.

Metric weights and measures, introduced in , replaced the British and local systems. Indian numerical units still in use include the lakh equal to , and the crore equal to 10 million.

Dit traject wordt aangeboden door de Unie van Waterschappen, de Nederlandse Waterschapsbank, STOWA, de Topsector Water en het Valorisatieprogramma Deltatechnologie & Water. Meer.. Waterinnovatieprijs.

Using an existing scheme e. ELO or the Microsoft research developed formulas http: Once you have your magic number, a lot of considerations come in, as to your and your players preferences. My design goals were: Make it run fast no long iterations for improvements of the team balance , given that there might be players, of which a few hundred in the queue, to be assigned to maybe games to be started, getting too scientific is maybe not a good idea.

Make no attempt to optimize across multiple new games to be started at a given time. Try to give players a gaming experience at their own skill level, by not staffing teams with absolute newbies and pro-gamers alike. The pool is sorted descending by player rating. Doing this, results in Team A being always better or equally strong as Team B. Call ImproveTeams with the information of team a, team b and the remainder of the pool.

Economische missie naar Polen met aandacht voor deltatechnologie

Triodos Bank is very keen to finance impact driven initiatives. Triodos Bank itself is a social enterprise as well. In the past

Read about Kelleher International matchmaking in the press. From Good Morning America to Cosmopolitan magazine, find interviews with exclusive matchmaking advice from the founders of Kelleher International, Amber and Jill Kelleher.

Neem deel aan workshops op het gebied van voedingsmiddelenindustrie, duurzame energie of watertechnologie. Direct online aanmelden Workshop duurzame energie Eerder zijn 21 Latijns-Amerikaanse landen overeengekomen minimaal 10 procent van de benodigde energie uit duurzame bronnen te laten komen. De uitdaging ligt in het aanboren van andere bronnen van duurzame energie dan de bestaande bron van waterkracht.

Bio-energie en energie uit afval bieden hiervoor de meeste potentie. NL EVD Internationaal heeft in 17 landen een studie laten uitvoeren naar de mogelijkheden op het gebied van elektriciteit uit biomassa, energie uit afval en biobrandstoffen. Workshop voedingsmiddelenindustrie Dankzij grote zoetwatervoorraden, verschillende klimaatzones, vruchtbare gronden en grote oppervlakten kan de toch al grote agrarische productie van Latijns-Amerika nog vele malen worden uitgebreid.

Opslag en verwerking, transport en logistiek, langer houdbaar maken en waarde toevoegen zijn begrippen waaraan in Latijns-Amerika veel aandacht wordt gegeven. Daarbij gaat de aandacht in het bijzonder uit naar niet-traditionele producten. Workshop waterzuivering Waterzuivering staat in Latijns-Amerika hoog op de agenda. De waterproblematiek als gevolg van de economische groei, stringentere regelgeving en de toenemende vraag naar drinkwater- en afvalwaterzuivering bieden goede kansen voor Nederlandse bedrijven.

Netwerkreceptie Een uitstekende gelegenheid om te netwerken met collega ondernemers, de Nederlandse diplomatieke vertegenwoordigingen in de regio, handelsbevorderende organisaties en de buitenlandse ambassades van Latijns-Amerika.

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Carbon Delta is a research firm that specializes in identifying and analyzing the climate change resilience of publicly traded companies. This allows clients to protect assets, optimize performance and reach sustainability goals. Reio is an integrated Employee Management System automating repetitive work such as payroll calculations, employee work time management or holiday and sick day request approval. In addition the system enables customers to choose pension and life insurance providers and to select employee benefits from hundreds of vendors.

The goal is to facilitate access to financial services for all kinds of businesses and individuals and to bring banking services to the doorstep of customers independently of their location. There is a widespread practice called Employee Savings and Lending Funds which Akiba has digitized and offering on a SaaS basis to companies that want to increase productivity by reducing financial stress of their employees.

Deltatechnologie en Water (VPdelta) waarin we onder meer hebben gewerkt aan de proeftuin Klimaatbestendig Zomerhofkwartier (Rotterdam) en de versterking van de waterkwaliteit in .

The candidates are head and shoulders above the competition, the attentiveness to my staffing needs makes me feel as though I am their only client, and billing is perfectly consistent. I cannot recommend an organization to aid in staffing needs more than Delta Dallas. When the rare event of a problem occurs, they are quick to rectify it to everyones satisfaction. She placed me with a great company. She knows her clients and knew I who would be a great fit for them. She is professional and down to earth, and made me feel confident that would get the position.

Eventually I will be needing a staff as the company grows. Janie will be my go to recruiter. The whole Delta team is very supportive, tops in customer service, classy group! Great organization with smart and competent people. I had the pleasure of working with Kimberly, Shana and Dana. They helped me find multiple jobs and always made me a priority.

The staff is lovely, hard working, attentive and they truly care about what they do.