Sign up for our email newsletters. To be a woman We still have domestic violence against women, and significant numbers of rape. Living in the countryside in the UK often denotes some sort of wealth: Infrastructure effortlessly stretches to almost all corners of the country, meaning most people in rural areas enjoy access to paved roads, running water, electricity, shops and services. Conversely, in Honduras, unfortunately living in a rural community more often than not signifies having a lack of resources and lack of access to the wider country, and many people live in poverty.

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Popular culture[ edit ] A procession in Comayagua Popular culture in Honduras, as in most countries, is expressed not so much through sophisticated artistic creations, but rather by popular events that draw big crowds. In Honduras, such artistic and cultural events are held on specific days of the year and through special celebrations. Punta, a kind of dance and music the Hondurans proudly gather to do.

Hondurans celebrate national holidays and special events in the form of carnivals, fairs and parades throughout the year. For instance, in La Ceiba the annual carnival is a week-long celebration with music, exhibitions and special food, culminating in the most popular carnival in the country:

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See Article History horizontally striped blue-white-blue national flag with five central blue stars. The width-to-length ratio of the flag is 1 to 2. In Honduras separated itself from the United Provinces, although it continued to use the federation flag, which dated from Civil wars and invasions from abroad plagued Honduras between and In the ensuing years of peace, attention was focused on proper national symbols.

Values, Beliefs, and Attitudes Throughout our study of Honduran and Guatemalan culture we found several overarching values that the two cultures share. Both countries stress the importance of family and interdependence within the group. However, the criteria of what constitutes a family unit varies between the two. Guatemalan culture believes that family and community are.

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Honduran society is predominately Mestizo; however, American Indian, Black and White individuals also live in Honduras (). The nation had a relatively high political stability until its coup and again with the presidential election. [13].

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The type of marriage couple chooses will usually depend on their wealth.

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Dating Latinos It’s Different: MACHISMO The word “machismo” has a few different meanings and connotations. In the simple sense, it is basically the belief and practice of .

While I was doing my research I came across the struggle of what to actually call a person that is from Spain. Do you call them Latino, Mexican, Spanish, Spaniard, etc.? The video below helped me out a bit so I figured this would be a good way to start off in showing my research! Life is just full of siestas! Tying in with the other topics of time and family, life does not need to be rushed and should be enjoyed with the people you love most.

Having a siesta in the middle of the day is a reflection of Spaniards, laid-back lifestyle.

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Matta Ballesteros was wanted for murder, drug trafficking and other crimes in several countries, but in Honduras he felt safe. He regularly hosted parties for high-level officials at his home and had connections to military officers. Matta Ballesteros continued to struggle, pleading for mercy and kicking the car door as they shut it. In Honduras, he might have been a kingmaker, but the US wanted him for the death of a DEA agent in Mexico, and there he faced the death penalty.

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Luckily, I knew the answer: Cinnabar, the red powdery mineral mercuric sulphide, was in use in Central America by the time when people in Formative Honduran sites like Puerto Escondido, Copan, Los Naranjos, and the Cuyamel Caves created pottery with deeply carved designs rubbed with red pigments. While red pigments on early pottery from Honduras have never to my knowledge been tested chemically, cinnabar has been reported from sites in Mexico, including La Venta, Chalcatzingo, and Izapa, and museums often describe the red pigment on ceramics similar to those from Honduras as cinnabar.

A long time later, liquid mercury appears in archaeological sites dating to the Classic Period between and AD. The majority of reported finds are from the highlands of eastern Guatemala and western Honduras, at Lake Amatitlan , Kaminaljuyu , and Quirigua in Guatemala, and Copan and El Paraiso in western Honduras. Outside of this area, two sites in Belize— Caracol and Lamanai — and now, Teotihuacan, in Mexico, have yielded liquid mercury dating to the Classic Period.

A major point of disagreement among archaeologists writing about finds of liquid mercury has been whether it was collected from naturally occurring deposits, or produced by processing cinnabar, burning it in closed vessels.

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Just keep your eyes and ears open it doesn’t take long before the true colors come out. I met a Honduran man and he was very nice and we got along good. After a while we moved in and he still was the sweet person I met. The things I saw was he was always on his phone and his mind was miles away from me. Find out he was always talking to his childrens mom who at the time I did not know was still in the picture. He was sending most of his money to Honduras and was little help to me because in their mind American women are wealthy.

They do not feel bad about being unfaithful at all. It’s almost like it’s a normal way of life. And believe me the women from there will put up with almost anything as long as the money keeps coming their way. He was never mentally or physically abusive but had a dark side to him. I got into his phone and he was talking sexually to one of his first cousins, looking for prostitutes and talking sexually to others.

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Both countries stress the importance of family and interdependence within the group. However, the criteria of what constitutes a family unit varies between the two. Guatemalan culture believes that family and community are one. It is all considered one unit that should help and depend on one another whenever necessary. As for the Honduran culture, family generally is thought to be the nuclear family. Although they will rely on extended family if necessary, their focus really is within the nuclear family circle.

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