Coral The Coral label was dark red sometimes reddish brown with silver print. Dearborn The Dearborn label was teal with black print, with a pink band near the edge of the label. The yellow Dearborn logo was at the top. It had a red label with gold print. The label was black with silver print; the 45 label is shown at left. It was founded in New York in as a company focused on stereo. It did well until , then faded some until , when the original owner, Harry Belock, sold the company to his former accountant Bernard Solomon, completing the deal February 20, Solomon proceeded to sell off all the studio equipment and move the label to Los Angeles. The label at left was the earliest label used in issuing the Little LPs, as it was a leftover label from the time before the sale, when the company was still in Long Island. Solomon used up the stock of these labels in

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Becoming a police officer was her lifelong dream.

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Stand out from the crowd with this beautiful British camper. Very reluctant sale due to an expanding family. Recently stripped and repainted in classic green, sealed under body, repaired passenger and driver doors. Large solid sided pop top MORE.. Safety glass all round, anti-burst locks, sealed beam headlights with combined sidelights, separate direction indicators, foot operated windscreen washer, safety styled door handles and window winders, ashtray in fascia, face level ventilation system.

Fly screen and blinds.

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Upon entering, if the bouncers let you, which they usually do, one is instantly immersed in the dingy world of people who might be in bands. It’s not much use staying downstairs on the tattered couches, this isn’t what you come to The Pony for. So get a pint, and head upstairs. Upon reaching the second story by way of the very narrow staircase, the fun begins. The dancefloor is covered in muck and crowded, even at 5am.

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Show Review Although it didn’t make the cut on Foals’ February release, Holy Fire, “Bluebird” certainly deserves its moment in the limelight. In this case, the group performs the chilling song on a split-screen closed-circuit television. Olympos, on the Greek island of Karpathos. These are the places that make up Holy Fire, Foals third album, their most direct and fully realised album yet. Foals have stepped up from, as Yannis puts it, “songs for indie clubs” to something much, much bigger.

Their third album might not sound like Depeche Mode or Nine Inch Nails, but it has much of the same ambitious spirit and grandiose aesthetic that led to those groups touching the lives of millions. This is the sound of Foals arriving. It’s all a long way from the group’s early years in Oxford, where Yannis Philippakis 26 , Jack Bevan 27 , Walter Gervers 28 , Edwin Congreave 28 and Jimmy Smith 28 convened after spells in various well regarded bands such as The Edmund Fitzgerald, whose intricacies were a league away from the Libertines-influenced indie skiffle and American garage rock that dominated at the time.

Debut album Antidotes attempted to capture the live energy and sense of spontaneity that had made Foals one of the most sought-after live acts in the UK. Now, as they approach their 30s, Foals are moving on from the “kind of lost boys club element to how we’ve lived for the past six years” to make their best music yet. Yannis gives much of the credit for this huge leap forward to producers Flood and Alan Moulder.

The feeling is mutual. Alan Moulder, who mixed Total Life Forever, says “I was impressed with their attitude to making a record and their ambition towards achieving something individual and unique but still wanting to appeal to the “masses”. It was all quite tropical vegetation.

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Back to Marketplace No expense spared in the development of this fabulous vehicle – ready to race and unique on the circuits. This rally car attracts loads of attention wherever it is and has notched up some very credible achievements on the track. Driver is retiring and this impressive machine is up for grabs! Many extras complete the package.

Car is situated in Perth, Western Australia. Much of this car has been restored, mechanicals and interior are excellent.

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Uncategorized dmedj Introduction The route that I had chosen to walk and historically observe possesses a lot of significance not just to the history of south-west London, but even to myself. Situated along the south-eastern outskirts of Richmond Park, what is now known as the A road began its existence during the Roman occupation of Britain and was built to link London and Portsmouth, which had been used for centuries as the main thoroughfare between the two cities and the settlements along it until the completion of the Portsmouth Direct Line railway and the A3 motorway.

It was history mixed with personal nostalgia. As I have already mentioned why it is historical generally, the reason why the Kingston Hill area is important to me personally is because this area is where I used to live for the first five years of my life. After all this time, only recently I discovered the historical significance of the area, and I thought that it would be a perfect idea to observe the history behind it.

The area is typical of other settlements on the outskirts of Richmond Park: It is a busy road, indicating that it is still an important road link between road settlements. There was a green plaque at the corner of Warren Road that indicated to a property in the middle of Coombe. It was Telegraph Cottage, which is most notable for having been the temporary residence of former general and later 34th President of the United States, Dwight David Eisenhower.

It was from this cottage that the then-general stayed while acting as Supreme Commander of Allied forces in Europe, where he also planned the D-Day landings. However, the most remarkable aspect of this section is Canbury School. Opened in and occupying a large Victorian house, it is the secondary school which I attended. Malcolm broke the land speed record three times and the water speed record once, while Donald broke land and speed records countless time in his famous Bluebird speed machines which eventually led to his tragic death at Coniston Water, Cumbria in while trying to push the water speed record beyond mph.

Their legacy was commemorated on 29th November when English heritage unveiled a blue plaque or bluebird plaque!

Campbells feud over Bluebird wreck

Organisers of the show are gearing up to spread the word about modern automobiles utilising green technology – but ultimately their goal is, of course, to make sure you have a fun day out. Taking place outdoors, at Battersea Power Station, the EcoVelocity motor show is something the whole family will be able to enjoy. Highlights of the four-day car and bike extravaganza include the chance to test drive the most up-to-date eco-friendly cars and motorbikes, and the opportunity to view futuristic, green motors at close quarters – like the the stunning Bluebird Electric , Europe’s fastest electric vehicle.

In the next couple of years, owners of the Bluebird Electric are hoping to push this supercar to mph plus, a speed which would create a new land speed record.

Although it didn’t make the cut on Foals’ February release, Holy Fire, “Bluebird” certainly deserves its moment in the this case, the group performs the chilling song on a split.

The list is expanded with several famous record atttemps. None of them are on our list. According to that page which is poorly written and full of mispellings the Budweiser Rocket team decided not to aim for a speed record, but instead to break the sound barrier. They claimed they did, yet onlookers heard no sonic boom. With absolutely no independent evidence and unreliable speed measurements it just ludicrous to include this one in the table.

What if I claimed I did mph last night How about we split it up? What do people think – ‘s of mph or decades? Please edit or even delete if deemed necessary. Am I asking too much to want specifications of the powerplant? As their was no standardized means to measure the speed in early attemps I doubt the engineer or the driver now the real power of the engine. I know there is some modern measurement of the “Jamais Contente” engine power but what are they worth without original batteries?

However we could add some engine design information. Can somebody with a reliable source do some checking?

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We felt it our duty to sample the goods and only recommend the best gifts for him. Plenty of products were received, tried and tested, and ultimately were given away in my first come first serve text messaging and Whatsapp friends and family group. The stuff you see here made the cut and are drinks and other gifts we kept for the Aspiring Gentleman team. Mango Habanero The Door Hinge.

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Bluebird hits 150mph but won’t try for any records

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It will attempt a run to mph in , and a mph mission in , both to take place on the Hakskeen Pan in South Africa. But Bloodhound is just the latest in a long list of land speed record vehicles, built with the sole purpose of taking the ultimate Earth-based speed crown. Piloted by Gaston de Chasseloup-Laubat, the first record holder crept its way up to Jeantaud carried on making cars until It was driven by Belgian Camille Jenatzy.

The car wrung 90hp from an immense The motor-vehicle was still in its primitive stages of development, but the age of speed had well and truly arrived.

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The proper Doric response is “aye, peckin awa"”. If you politely suggest you don’t understand, almost all Doric speakers will be able to switch to more standard English to converse with you, particularly if you are from outside the UK. Get in[ edit ] Although Aberdeen is remote by UK standards, do not be put off as with modern air and rail transport links it is remarkably easy and fast to get to.

Journeys by bus or car to the city can be long so many travellers coming from outside Scotland arrive by plane a flight of an hour or so from London or by train. Many Aberdonians rely heavily on the airport when travelling outside Scotland and it is also one of the world’s largest heliports, serving the offshore rigs in the North Sea. Helicopters are everywhere at the airport and in the skies over Aberdeen and can be seen from the terminal building windows.

While differnet business model then Zayo/Abovenet Carl Icahn and XO must be very happy at the moment. Looks like a level 3 Tw telecom fight into the summer to acquire that asset and the cost may have just gone up.

Speed Dating is an organized event where men and women meet each other in short mini-dates lasting anything between minutes. It was originally conceived in in America as a way for Jewish singles to meet and marry. When guests arrive at an event they are provided with a name tag, scorecard and pen which they use to mark any potential suitors during the event.

Once the event is over we collate the matches and e-mail the results the following day. If there is a match guests are put in contact with that person to arrange a date. At an average Speed Dating event with DateinaDash there are about 40 people, 20 dates. How many events have you held to date and how many speed daters have attended? We held our first event in November in South West London, to date we have held just over 1, events and have nearly 18, people registered on our website.

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