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The Uranium-Series Methods of Age Determination

Ocean-Floor Sediments Ocean-Floor Sediments Sediment on the seafloor originates from a variety of sources, including biota from the overlying ocean water, eroded material from land transported to the ocean by rivers or wind, ash from volcanoes, and chemical precipitates derived directly from sea water. A very small amount of it even originates as interstellar dust. In short, the particles found in sediment on the seafloor vary considerably in composition and record a complex interplay of processes that have acted to form, transport, and preserve them.

Geological oceanographers have coined the terms “terrigenous” to describe those sediments derived from eroded material on land, “biogenic” for those derived from biological matter, “volcanogenic” for those that include significant amounts of ash, “hydrogenous” for those that precipitate directly from sea water, and “cosmogenic” for those that come from interstellar space.

The seafloor, however, is not a random arrangement of these different sediment types. Oceanographers have painstakingly mapped the distribution of sediment around the globe and have learned that at any given location the sediments provide important information regarding the history of the ocean as well as the overall state of climate on the Earth’s surface.

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Lead age dating of peat cores in the Jura Mountains, Switzerland. Water Air and Soil Pollution Replicability and variability of the recent macrofossil and proxy-climate record from raised bogs: Journal of Quaternary Science An investigation of Holocene sun-climate relationships using numerical C wiggle-match dating of peat deposits [PhD dissertation]. Radiocarbon dating of bulk peat samples from raised bogs:

Is it advisable to do Pb-210 sediment core dating in a harbour that was dredged 10 years ago?

Z A Aarkrog, A. Radiological impact of Chernobyl debris compared with that from nuclear weapons fallout. Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 6 2: Evidence of 99Tc in Ural river sediments. Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 37 2: Radiocesium from Sellafield effluents in Greenland water.

Due to very low and variable activities of unsupported Pb in the sediments, the sedimentation rates could not be reliably established using the Pb dating method. However, ,Pu profiles.

A lacustrine core located in arid and semi-arid area was investigated. Abstract Dating lake sediments in arid and semi-arid zones by using Cs and excessive Pb Pbex methods is challenging because of the irregular climatic variations and anthropogenic effects. Here we try to establish the reliable geochronology of the lacustrine core drilled from Lake Ailike northern Xinjiang of China by using Cs and Pbex dating methods and improve our understanding of the principal factors that affect the dating results.

The results indicate that it is important to normalize the Cs activities by particle size and organic matter in order to diminish their enrichment effects on Cs activities and thus help us to obtain the accurate Cs ages. The performance of the sediment isotope tomography SIT model is better than the other Pbex-derived models. The erosion process results in the failure of the commonly used constant rate of supply CRS model, as well as the low values of the sedimentation rate, the Cs inventory and the post mean annual flux of Pbex in Ailike core.

The uncertainty of the half-life

Recycling and reduction of pollution arisen from research laboratories are the aims of his work. From to , he did postdoctoral research in aquatic chemistry at the Institute of Freshwater Ecology, Ambleside, UK. In all situations, low Hg concentrations were found in suspended and bottom sediments.

Problems and solutions are illustrated with striking examples from literature. In recent years, It discusses the propagation of the uncertainty of the half-life in activity measurements and the difficulties with providing an uncertainty budget when measuring half-lives. 2.

PDF Abstract Rainwater-dependent peatlands retain a record of atmospheric deposition. Unlike lake sediments they record both particulate and soluble influxes, and they are not complicated by processes in the catchment or by mineral particle influx from the catchment. They do, however, have their own difficulties some of which are considered here.

Hummocks retained more than hollows: The vertical scale in profiles should be as cumulative dry mass or, better, as dry mass after reconstructing losses by decay. These give vertical scales that are approximately linear with age. Elements differ greatly in the shape of their concentration profile as a result of varying influx and as a result of relocation in the peat. Footnotes This text was harvested from a scanned image of the original document using optical character recognition OCR software.

As such, it may contain errors. Please contact the Royal Society if you find an error you would like to see corrected.

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One reason for this is that the abundance of these isotopes was traditionally determined by detecting their decay. Today, abundances of the longer-lived nuclides can be measured by mass spectrometry, but the shorter-lived ones are so rare that they are still most readily detected by their decay. The other reason we work with activities will become apparent shortly. We will follow the standard convention of denoting activities by enclosing the isotope or isotope ratio in parentheses.

Activities are related to atomic or molar abundances by the basic equation of radioactive decay: The radioactive equilibrium state of the daughter and the parent is the condition where their activities are equal, i. An older and still used unit it the Curie abbreviated Ci equal to 3. We can demonstrate that this is so in two ways. The first is a simple mathematical demonstration.

The equilibrium state is the steady state where the abundance of the daughter does not change, i.

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In order to “read” information stored in sediment sequences a chronostatigraphic method have been developed and used since s which is based upon variation of activity of Pb over the sediment profile, natural radioisotope of Uranium decay series with half-life 22 years, and hence valid for the last years of recent sedimentation history. The Pb chronology is prone to be validated by other time-markers, such as artificial radionuclides globally dispersed after the nuclear weapons tests of s or major accidents on NPP the Chernobyl accident of or latest on the Fukushima Daiichi in In the last decade an intensive study using sediment cores collected from shelf and deep-sea areas in the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea have been undertaken within the framework of a number of international research projects organized by IAEA and UNOPS-GEF and devoted to environmental problems of this enclosed, and therefore sensitive to environmental impact, marine systems.

Elaborative analysis of the experimental data and sediment age calculation have been done by application of CRS and CIC dating models to unsupported Pb activity over the sediment profile. Measured in sediment Cs and Am clearly showed well resolved Bomb test and Chernobyl fallout peaks and were used as markers in order to corroborate radiometrically determined age of sediment.

In addition, some least‐squares runs were made without diesel oil or diesel soot (i.e., 15 source runs), to avoid possible problems with highly correlated sources and because little diesel oil or diesel soot as found in the subtidal sediments examined in this study.

Urban and domestic discharges, etc. Confined aquifer Figure 1. Contamination of the confined aquifer depends on whether communication is established with the unconfined aquifer. Heavy metals are common inorganic pollutants in the geoenvironment. A more detailed description of the various forms and sources of arsenic, cadmium, chromium, copper, lead, nickel, and zinc can be found in Yong et al. Recently, extensive investigations were performed in the Port Jackson estuary in southeastern Australia, near Sydney, due to the Olympic Games Birch and Taylor, Eight metals were measured in more than surface sediment samples in the km estuary, river tributaries, harbor annexes, and canals.

Copper, lead, and zinc, in particular, were found upstream where there were extensive industrial and commercial activities. Thunderstorms and flooding transported the metals downstream.